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We know, finding the lowest quote for Supervisa Insurance and Visitors medical insurance is your need and our primary focus. We work with all major insurance providers in the industry and work hard for you to make the insurance process simple and as easy. Our website will help you find an instant quote for your Supervisa insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, Visitors’ and critical illness insurance.

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Our primary focus is on providing you with the lowest quote for Supervisa Insurance and Visitors Medical Insurance. Our agency works with all major insurance providers in the industry and we strive hard to make the insurance process as simple and straightforward as counting 1, 2, 3. You will be able to get an instant quote for your Supervisa insurance and Visitors‘ health insurance by using our portal. A comparison table of all companies can be found, and the plans can be read using easy language. You can find answers to many of your questions in our FAQ. Since the industry is constantly changing, our FAQ is updated frequently. We are happy to assist you if you don’t find the answer to the questions you are looking for on this website.


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    Working with the best has its advantage for all of us! We work with many Canadian medical insurance companies. Run a quote and see what deals we can offer you. To learn more about the Emergency health insurance provider of your interest, click on the Get a quote tab on the right. Our partners provided us with an opportunity to deliver a promise of financial security as well as personal safety when dealing with unexpected medical emergencies during your stay in Canada!

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    Iconsulted Lucas with Royal Capital Financial Group. He provided me a lot of information not only insurance, but also investment, government benefits and tax.
    As a new comer from Hong Kong, these information are very valuable for me. Also, Lucas Wu speaks Cantonese frequently, it’s very easy for me to communicate because Cantonese is my mother language.
    I highly recommend to everyone, especially if you are from Hong Kong like me.

    Lau Check Ho


    I highly recommend Lucas to anyone in search of a reliable and customer-focused insurance broker. I can’t say enough good things about Lucas and the exceptional service he provides as my insurance broker. His attention to detail, prompt responses, and genuine commitment to finding the best coverage for my needs have truly made a positive impact on my insurance experience.

    Ceci Fang


    After compare with other insurance agents, I got life insurance, critical illness insurance, health and dental insurance, and travel insurance from Royal Capital Financial Group with Lucas, Amy and other team members. It’s a one stop shop and tailor made service. I recommended to my friends too. Also Lucas has a lot of connections such as government benefits and banks. It worth to contact this company.

    Choi Ching


    Lucas provided exceptional service at his insurance company. His professionalism, tailored solutions, and prompt communication made the process effortless. With deep industry knowledge and a friendly demeanor, Lucas ensured I received the best insurance coverage tailored to my needs. I wholeheartedly recommend Lucas for outstanding insurance services. Thank you, Lucas, for your dedication and expertise!

    Huang Gary


    Lucas has helped me choose travel insurance for years, and he has always advised me to choose the best product for me and my parents. Lucas is a trustworthy, knowledgeable and patient advisor who always provides the service you need on time. I will 100% recommend Lucas to my friends.



    I got life insurance and critical insurance for all of my family members from Lucas. I am very satisfied for the products that Lucas recommended. I also got travel insurance for my parents when they come to visit.
    Highly recommend Royal Capital Financial Group to everyone

    Boyu Lin (Angie)