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How can you save tons of dollars for Supervisa Insurance through monthly premiums

Some people are aware that the parents’ conditions to come to Canada to join their children have changed. One of the requirements is a

$100,000 insurance contract to cover medical bills while staying as a visitor for one year.

These are severe costs, but they are necessary if we wish for our parents to visit us. Unfortunately, it is required to pay them when applying for a Super Visa issued for ten years. While I understand that the children would still need to purchase insurance for their parents when they arrive, one is obligated to pay for an entire year’s worth of insurance months before any actual arrival.

As a prerequisite to such an event, you will need to pay for the entire insurance policy several months before your parents’ arrival, which may be a substantial amount. What are the ways to avoid paying everything immediately? We will show you further down in the FAQ section.

The following is a breakdown of the estimated cost of medical services.

Generally, it costs between $75 and $90 to visit your general practitioner.
Several hundred dollars or more can be spent on a month’s supply of drugs. Tests and diagnostics can also cost thousands of dollars. However, if you need to go to the hospital, then you’ll incur more significant expenditures.
Twenty-four hours of care can cost as much as $3,000 for parents who have no status. Abdominal surgery (cutting) starts at $17,000. Calling an ambulance and spending a few hours in the hospital queue may cost $600-800 or even more. Appendicitis that occurred to new immigrants over ten months ago has cost about $8,000 and about $14,000.
One patient had a heart attack seven months ago and had to stay in the hospital for six days, during which time he was brought out of his critical condition and sent home. The bill was in the range of 22 thousand dollars. We have seen worse cases, but not as often. Our company works with different insurance companies and tries to provide you with the best quotes available. We aim to provide you with a contract that offers you a price/condition combination that provides you with the ability to recover expenses related to the deterioration of pre-existing conditions.

All prices quoted by the company are fixed, which means they do not depend on whether you are buying insurance directly from them or through a broker. They can only be purchased from licensed agents. If two people are insured, 21st Century Travel Insurance Limited will give you a 5% discount per insured person.

Here is how these health insurance works. If a person is sick and has to go to the doctor, they must cover the cost of the visit, medical examination, and medicines themselves. Upon recovering, the patient needs to sign a particular form and include receipts after signing the form. All related documents should then be sent to the company to reimburse the person’s expenses in full. A hospital stay will have additional costs, and those will be handled directly between the hospital and the insurance company. The company must be contacted within 24 hours of being ill or visiting a doctor.
In general, if you need to undergo a regular medical check-up once a year or need to continue taking medications that you are already taking, the insurance company will not reimburse you for such costs. Maintaining your stable condition is considered maintaining your health. The insurance company will pay your health-related costs if your condition deteriorates (stable chronic condition).
Stable chronic conditions can occur when a person has a problem that has not worsened, and when the dose of the person’s medications has not changed during the past 180 days.

An example: if a person takes blood pressure pills for years and then has to extend his treatment, he pays for all of the costs associated with it, such as doctor visits, examinations and so on.
Assuming a person becomes ill, and the available medicines cannot keep him in a healthy condition, any further expenses to bring him out of condition, along with any new, possibly more powerful medication, will be compensated.

Is the insurance company going to give me a discount?

Yes. As mentioned already, the 21st Century will provide a discount of 5% for each person insured if two people are coming.

This company will give you a 10% discount if you choose a $250 deductible instead of the standard $0 deductible. We’ll see if anyone finds this attractive. One couple is planning to stay with you for a long time. The insurance contract may already have you paying thousands. Insurance coverage is crucial, and it must be obtained. Yet, at the same time, you realize that your parents can handle minor problems themselves, but you may need to face some profound issues. If you receive an insurance contract with a $250 deductible, it may be more advantageous for you since you can recoup these $250 through a discount on time. Insurance is often purchased so that no harm will come, after all. There are times when taking out insurance would be beneficial. There are also times when not taking out insurance will be detrimental, as things always happen.
If you want an even more significant discount, you can look at other options for the deductible listed below. The discount may be as high as 45%. For whatever reason, if you suddenly do not receive your visa, you will receive all the money back at no cost.

How do monthly premiums differ from the annual premiums?

The conditions of monthly payments differ significantly from one-time fees for the contract. For the contract to fully satisfy immigration office requirements, it is necessary to pay two months premium and an additional $50 non-refundable admin fee at application.
After receiving the approval, and knowing the arrival date, inform the insurance company. Based on the arrival date, the insurance company will charge another month’s premium to activate the policy. As a result, two months’ worth of payments would be made in advance.
The company will refund all unused premium fees if your relative leaves the country without making a claim, except a $50 administration fee (in case of monthly payment option) and a $25 processing fee.

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