Visitor Visa Insurance

Why Super visa insurance and Monthly plans?

Supervisa is the only and easiest way to bring your parents and grandparents to Canada for a longer time. Every Super Visa holder is allowed to stay in Canada for up to two years without leaving Canada.
You can get a super visa for ten years or the life of the passport. For example, suppose your passport life is five years. In that case, the immigration officer will grant you the Supervisa for five years. Please ensure that your passport is fresh when you apply for supervisa, which has a life for the maximum. Passport life depends on your country’s law. If you are getting a passport with a ten-year expiry date and apply for Supervisa with a reasonably new passport, chance, you will get Supervisa for ten years.
Super Visa Insurance required basic requirements such as a letter of invitation from your child in Canada as a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen and income proof to support you financially.
And the last requirement is to get a super Visa Insurance for $100,000 from the Canadian insurance companies.
We specialize in getting you the best supervisa insurance for your parents and grandparents. We worked hard to get the lowest and possible quote from all the super visa insurance providers. You can use our rate calculator by entering a piece of essential information for your parents to get the lowest possible rate from another website. Few companies offer a monthly payment plan for super Visa insurance. Once you run the quote on our website, you will see the monthly rates will be displayed under the annual rates, where you can see that those companies are offering monthly plans for super Visa Insurance.
When it comes to monthly plans, 21st Century among the most popular for monthly supervisa insurance. 21st Century is underwritten by one of the biggest insurance companies known as Manulife, and in fact, the 21st century was the 1st one who introduced the monthly plans for Supervisa holders. Since then, many other companies start offering monthly intends to attract new customers. Keep in mind that when you take monthly plans, you need to pay two months premium plus a $50 plan set up fee to get the insurance.
Sometimes monthly plans become the best option for you if you are going to apply for this supervisa and the plan for your parents to be in Canada is nowhere close to 6 months after getting the supervisa. The reason why I said this is because all the supervisa insurance provider companies required payment upfront. You may don’t want your large payment to be stuck with insurance companies for a longer time in some cases. Few companies charge a surcharge on the monthly premium calculation. The tariff could be $10 to $20 per month. In that case, you would like to do the math before considering any monthly payment option. The 21st century doesn’t charge you any monthly surcharge for monthly payment plans.

So why wait longer? Bring your parents and grandparents next to you by collecting the just essential documents, getting the insurance from us, applying for a super visa, and having them next to you. these insurance policies and other information visit the website as well.

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